Le KaLaJ

11 rue Desmazes


Squat militano-artistico-kalé

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    1. Maximalismus says:

      we are two people from bonn, germany and will travel around in the beginning of april. We will be in the region of montpellier and found your squat on the web.
      We would like to meet you and visit your squat, if possible.

      If you want, and there is any space we can offer you to make some music… we are DJs and do some minimal, electro and dnb.

      On http://www.soundcloud.com/queerformat and http://www.soundcloud.com/ms-pennylane-1 you can listen to some stuff.

      We will arrive with a bus so there is no need of a sleeping space 🙂

      With libertarian greets

      matze and anna

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